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Do you have a passion for writing? Are you good at time management and scheduling, love to explore your creativity and most importantly LOVE inspiring and helping others? If this sounds like you, then blogging for Mooistevrou might be a great opportunity to explore your writing journey and become a part of our little online community!

Blogging for Mooistevrou is simply for the love of writing (at this stage), in return your work will be shared with thousands of women around the world across all our social media networks as well as on our website. Here, our mission is to share and inspire women, to leave them with daily motivation. The potential blogger will ultimately have a good sense of discernment, loyal intentions, and a pure heart to help other women - it's absolutely for the love of writing and the love of people.

How it works:

  • The writing topics are unlimited but linked to anything that is an inspiration to others especially related to self-love, motherhood, business, growth, and many more - however, we do not accept any hate speech, racist talk, foul language, gossip, belittling within the blog piece, or anything that is not related to Mooistevrou and what we stand for. Suggested topics will be given monthly.

  • Each blogger will be assigned a certain date for when she gets to share her blog - each blogger will blog approximately 2 times a month.

  • We will schedule the blog 2 days prior to the assigned date, also why it's important for the blogger to send her piece through to us on time.

  • All blogs must be submitted in a WORD document (preferably) or PDF/ or within an email.

  • Should the blogger not be able to commit or present her blog on time (life happens and it's okay) please do notify us early enough so that we can schedule a replacement blog for that specific day.

  • Should the blogger no longer want to blog or be able to commit to blogging for us - a 1 week's notice via email will be required so that we can arrange a replacement blogger.

We're looking forward to reading & possibly sharing your work!

If this sounds like something you would love to do - please submit a piece of your work in either Afrikaans or English - this could be about anything related to Mooistevrou (let your imagination take you beyond and above!)


If approved, we will be in contact via email to assign your date, further information, etc. We will also ask you to submit an image and a short piece about yourself to list on our website. Your piece can either be submitted via email or in the contact form below.

Yay! Thank you, we cannot wait
to read your beautiful piece!
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