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Want to become a part of Mooistevrou's creative team?

Dearest Creatives

I am looking for a team with super creative minds to join me this year to be on our team for Mooistevrou.

What does this mean?

I want a team that wants to connect with others by sharing their creativity and help each other grow in their career field. This will also mean that you will receive constant publicity on both Facebook and Instagram as well as on Mooistevrou's website. This will also mean

we grow with the potential to work on all kinds of projects together which might have the potential to be turned into a paying opportunity in the future.

The potential team will look like this:

A group of loyal women (and men),  massive creative minds, must be good with leading each other, passionate about what you do, willing to commit to deadlines. The potential creatives must be steady in who they are and mustn't see this as an opportunity to copycat nor see it as an opportunity to use only for the publicity of it. It's all about the heart and doing it for the right reasons. Trust is key. We have to be able to trust each other, be understanding and support each other.

This collaboration will be a possible combined effort between creatives.

Although there is no physical payment involved (yet) you should always remember that collaboration can still provide income through the publicity that you will be exposed to. We should always treat this as a paid job. The better your effort the better your chances to be exposed. 

We are looking for:

  • Photographers and videographers with a different, soft, warm, and dreamy feel, yet professional - who thinks out of the box and who have positive energy to work with.

  • Make-up & Hair artists who are passionate about their work, who will treat everyone on board as though they were personal clients.

  • Any other creatives to build the brand and each other's brand.

  • Wedding industry suppliers who want to collab in styled shoots for our wedding section.

  • Products that will suit Mooistevrou's style and brand.


How will this work?

Photo sessions will be planned according to creative ideas to fit the specific concept for the time. Whoever can join in at the time will have the opportunity to be part of the specific concept. Our plan is to do this once every second month. There will be planning and mood boards involved every time to communicate the specific concept clearly.

Publicity will be given to everyone equally and fairly.

Agreeing to this collaboration:

By joining this collaboration with Mooistevrou, each service or product supplier will receive a collaboration agreement.

Further content will be shared via email.

Please fill in the form and I will be in touch soon:

Thanks for submitting! Check your inbox soon!

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