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During this journey, you will be challenged to renew your mind, to get your focus in line with God’s Word,
and to walk in wisdom, and really seek the Lord. You will discover the real you and recognize the deeper meaning
of self-love in a Biblical way.

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If the question “Who am I” crossed your mind more than once, or you’ve struggled with some devastating hurts that made you doubt yourself, there’s no doubt about whether the question of “I need to change or something needs to change” also crossed your mind as well. I believe that this journal will help you! The FOUND journal is intentionally written to help you heal your inner child and to help you discover the real you. The journal is a six-week journey and contains questions and activities to really help you dive into the Word and go beyond deeper within yourself. When starting this journey, I encourage you to really make a mind shift to focus on whatever needs to change in yourself and in your life. This is an opportunity to discover your purpose, to heal from within, and change your entire perspective about your life.


Our vision with FOUND is to help restore self-worth and

self-image, to help you grow in your faith and relations

with God. 

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