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5 Self-Healing points I used myself.

The moment you realize you need help is the moment that help will be given to you. Often we think that people will just assume something is wrong or that we feel a certain way well, most of the time they just think you are having a bad day and want to be left alone. There comes a time when you will need to ask for advice, help, or just need to vent a bit. I will be mentioning some helpful points I personally used at the beginning of my self-care journey. It will be challenging, it test your mind and it will stretch your emotions but, it is worth it all. Self-Healing normally does not appear until someone mentions something that shook your world or as I use to call it ‘pulled that dam rug out underneath your feet ‘. But you will eventually find your feet again and standing stronger than before. Let us look at the points.

1.) Exercise

Simply going for a walk outside with your pet or doing a small tour around your own yard and getting fresh air might be relaxing and calming. It could also improve your mindset and give you a new perspective. Nature just has its own magical healing powers that no one can understand.

2.) Pray

Focus on your thoughts and silence. The best advice someone gave me was to just sit and think about nothing else than the goodness of God, It just brings peace no one can explain the calmness of your thoughts. These might help manage stress, anxiety, and even blood pressure

3.) Infiltrate Self-care Practice

Show yourself that you care for yourself. Taking a long bath with candles, soft music, and a bubble bath is just a small gesture that you can do for yourself.

4.) Join a Support Group

You might lack validity and doubt yourself. A support group can provide you with a safe place to talk and process emotions and make you feel less alone. We as women often talk with more confidence if we talk to strangers going through the exact same emotion as what we do with people we know. We normally don’t talk to people close to us because sometimes we feel they might be judging us or not look at us the same way.

5.) Get Professional Help

Dealing with emotional problems we need guidance and support. It is recommended to speak to a mental health professional, Pastor, Youth Leader, or a person you call a leader. I have a Spiritual Mother as I call her and I can definitely talk to her about anything that is bothering me deep inside or just sometimes we share a thought or laughter.

Then I just need to add a bonus point for all you pretty people and that would be laughter. They say the best medicine is laughter and I believe in that myself, some people laugh until they cry and the emotion behind laughter brings indescribable joy. The laughter of a small baby or even a toddler just brings another form of happiness to the world that we need more, no wonder the Bible says we need to become more like children.

Well that will be all, for now, hope you enjoyed the small self-healing ideas and always remember you are never alone.

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