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A little reminder

by Anri Basson

So the other day I saw something and it touched my heart so much.

Therefore I decided to share it with you:

Women are taught to be pretty before they are taught to be smart. We are taught our value lies in being attractive but not to try to hard. Sexy, but innocent. Witty, but demure.

And ageless. Always ageless.

We are given dozens of products to fix us. Enhance us. Improve us. Even though these cost more than the same thing down the men's aisle. Even though many of these things aren't "problems" to start with. So it is no wonder body positivity and body neutrality and self love is a minefield.

It's no surprise.

Because we are taught so much about our bodies. But taught so little about our beings.

About how to say no. About honoring our emotions. About having our own values and our own limits and our own ideas of right and wrong and defining these, understanding these.

About all that makes us so much more than skin and bones.

So today, just this. A little reminder. A little moment of love. A little bit of hope that together and alone we can learn about our bodies and our being and all the beauty in between.


You are a work of art.

Even if you don't know it yet.

It's there on your skin

It's there in your soul.

It's there in the way your eyes light up when you laugh.

In your capacity for kindness. In your intelligence. Your wit. And your charm.

It's there in your body. Painted by every single stretchmark. By your cellulite, and your curves. Drawn in bold brushstrokes and delicate lines. All creating the shape that is you.

It's all there:

Pure art

A masterpiece


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