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Believe in yourself

I hope you always remember how valuable you are. You belong here just as much as anyone else, making an impact on every person you meet. You are needed even if you cannot see it in this moment.

Keep going, friend.

You belong here

You are not just a flame; you are the fire.

You are not a small puddle; you are the big pond. You are not the darkness; you are the light.

You are not what others think you are, you are what you think you are. You are what you mold yourself into.

Opinions differ from person to person.

Your own opinion about yourself is something that matters. Sometimes we tend to think that others are right and suppress our own opinion. We are humans and knowingly or unknowingly we end up judging someone. We pass out compliments and our opinions to others.

It's in our nature. It's just that some people do it in limit and some make it as their regular duty.

We receive both positive and negative feedback from others. We must try and learn to embrace positive feedback and ignore the negative ones.

It's not easy to let go of negativity because these things stick in our mind and compels us to question our own self-worth.

They may be right or wrong, but that shouldn't affect us.

Stop thinking that only others can achieve success.

Don't stop. Don't think negative thoughts. The truth is, that life is not always easy. There are many ups and downs that will MAKE you FEEL that you are not good enough. That you have to give up.

That you are not worth THE EFFORT. But I need you to listen carefully and realize that you are not the ego in the back of your mind telling you that you are not worthy.

God has placed a vision in your heart, one that you do not even fully understand at this moment, you feel it but cannot see it yet.

I want to encourage your most beautiful wife as I encourage myself, don't you dare stop, who you are called to serve needs you.

Although I may not know everyone personally, I do pray for you, your business, and your personal life.

Because you make an impact!

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