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Change your thinking - Workbook Pt 1

If I had to ask you, what your ideal life look like? What would you say? What will come out of your mouth?

We sometimes ask ourselves why things do not change or why we look like we do, but we never get to the point where we actually start doing something about it. You see if you want change in your life, you have to actually THINK differently, you have to stand up and change your attitude.

In my journey with self love and changing my attitude towards myself and my life, I discovered amazing teachings and Pastors like Terri Savelle, Chrystal Evans and JOyce Meyer who focus on self discovery and the vision God has for your life and Terri's dad who especially teaches on the Favor of God, which really changed my life. I begun to do things differently, which were, changing my behavior and my thought life. You see what you focus on EXPAND.

If you stand up not wanting to go to work, negative and full of discouragement, chances are that your entire day will be urgh...and overall negative. If you focus on "how fat you are", how bad your life are, how terrible boss you have, or if you and your husband constantly fight with each other, your kids drive you insane - chances are that all of those things will just expand, it will get bigger and bigger.

So, with the help of Terri's teachings, my perspective changed - I immediately started to journal, I made a huge vision board of what I want in my life, I changed my morning routine, and I began thinking thoughts of success, thoughts of love and happiness, I began to speak positive affirmations over myself, and you know what? Things didn't start to change immediately, but MY THOUGHTS changed, my vision for my life changed, and what happened was, I started to work towards it. I suddenly saw that bigger picture of what can be. The most important thing I realized was, I HAD TO BE HEALTHY, I had to be made whole by God, and change my life in order to be a positive influence to someone else - you cannot pore from an empty cup and expect to stay full. You just can't. There's certain things that need to change within yourself to actually live a life of abundance and overflow.

For example, I hated to gym, spinning was nice, jogging and so was nice, but to get myself to actually do it was hard, because I didn't understand the importance of actually taking care of myself (mentally, physically, spiritually). I decided what I wanted to change in my life, and I decided to look for resources to help me. I found a fitness app which I so enjoy now, and I realized that I wanted to feel better about myself, I wanted to be healthy - and to have that, it's not necessary to suffer in the process, YOU can make it enjoyable for yourself. On a side note, have a look here, it's amazing!

START A MORNING routine - this changed my life! You will know how long you have before your daily routine starts, but take at least an hour, DO NOT go on Instagram, Facebook or any social media, take the time and READ, journal your thoughts, pray, read the Word, speak affirmations over yourself - and just SET THE TONE for the day, get your focus steady. I dare you to do it for 21 days, you will not want to go back to your normal routine!

These are just a couple of things mentioned in our workbook - I decided to create a workbook based on what I've learned and still learning to this day. This is a process I encourage you to do with me - we are in this together!

So, the workbook? It will help you gain new perspective for your life, it will shift your vision and it will help you to change your habits, the way you think and the way you do. But here's the key point, nothing will change if you do not decide to actually start! We've gathered some inspiring teachings from Terri and Joyce Meyer and some others to help you study further.

So if you already joined in on this journey and if you have your workbook and a notebook, let's start with the first activity - stay with me okay, if you do not feel like doing anything, do it in anyway. Change is coming your way! “Don't accept the limitations of other people who claim things are 'unchangeable'. If it's written in stone, bring your hammer and chisel.” ― Peter McWilliams


Write a new picture for your life - what do you want in your life? How do you see THAT life? What do dream of, what do you want to look like?

  • Look for teachings, and books to help you on this journey - start with Terri Savelle Foy on Youtube and get the book "She's still There" from Chrystal Evans Hurst. Read at least a chapter a day, and listen at least to ONE teaching per day.

If you didn't get the Mooistevrou workbook just yet, have a look here, it's available in print-ready PDF or hardcopy-

Okay! You will enjoy this so much, look out for our next blog, where we will go deeper into the Favor of God and helping you gain a new perspective!

And remember,


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