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Live today.

If perhaps we could live today, in the present moment,

Happy, with joy filled in our hearts,

Not knowing whether tomorrow's going to show its face,

Would tomorrow look a little different irrespective of not knowing what it might hold? Would the idea of holding on to the why's of life, the confusion and the inbetweens, not be a heavy burden to carry with you?

Will we live more freely?

Without fear and anxious thinking?

Would we perhaps be, more brave to let go of the things that keep us in the very moment that deprives us from letting go and moving forward?

The mind is the battlefield, the war is within, we're a complication itself..

Building our vessels from the outside in, will create tiny little explosions attacking every inch of our brain's nervous system...

But building our vessels from the inside out, will evolve in us a new creation, but it will require a deep motivation and a deep change in belief, renewing our minds daily.

If the thought of present living was the driving force that creates in us a highly content emotion, knowing that to choose is a privilege, and holding on to hurt and old beliefs are captivity, will it not help us see life a little different?

We don't live in the past anymore, we're here, right now, we're breathing right now, we can't change one minute, one second of what's already been gone,  we can't turn around what's been lost, moments that should've been but never were...

If our thinking was driven by beauty, compassion, love, and authenticity, instead of aching unfulfilled desires, words left unspoken, unforgiveness and dark wounds that we covered up thinking that somehow it will leave us, we could direct our lives in living more abundantly, it's as easy as letting go, even though difficult.

Can you just imagine the light and beauty you hold in your hand, adding value to people's lives, bringing something different to the table, being open to an abundance of joy, appreciating the you who have formed through all those years, realizing that we all have a story to tell and we all fear judgements, we all struggle with something. We all have insecurities and misbeliefs. We all have.

Being free is giving up control of the thought of "what ifs" and unresolved pain and thinking you can change the unchangeable, choosing a different life than what you had before, it's about going through crushing seasons of constant development, breaking fears, breaking habits, breaking deeply engraved beliefs that were repeatedly told. It's about choosing to let go overall, coming back to the simplest and purest form of love - surrender, but this time for yourself.


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