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Restoration Through Exercise

Hello dear reader, thank you for opening this blog and taking the time to read this.

Some time ago, God gave me a vision to restore through exercise, for that is exactly

what He has done for me. After I went through a season of grief and hardships, He

showed me how important my body is and how He can transform my soul and revive my

spirit through exercise. Yes, I know in the end it is all about one’s heart (and I agree),

but in 1 Corinthians 15 God says that He first made the natural body and then revived it

with a forever living spirit. This tells me that without our bodies, our souls cannot

exist in this world. Physical appearance is not all there is to us, but we are not able to

be here and now (fulfilling our purpose) without a body, we need it. The Bible also

states that our bodies are temples and we need to love it and care for it.

While working with a group of overweight teenagers at a health and wellness camp in

the USA, the importance of a healthy body struck me more than before. I found that

heartbreak, unhealthy relationships, unresolved and undealt with childhood issues, a

low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and uncontrolled emotions are factors that

contributes to being overweight and unhealthy. Working with those teenagers really

touched my heart in so many ways, for I saw how living in unhealthy bodies can leave

us with zero confidence, ruin our self-image and steal from our everyday life.

With the emphasis on the connection between body, mind (soul) and spirit I want to

introduce the term restoration through exercise and I want to encourage you to gain

knowledge of holistic health and apply it as an approach to life. I believe in holistic

health and wellness, for it considers the person as a whole and also considers that the

environment of a person is a key player within this process of transformation and


The heart of this blog post is to raise awareness of restoration, understanding the

connection between body and mind (soul) and spirit, and through it all - becoming the

fittest, healthiest and happiest version of yourself. Trust me, I am not a fitness

model, but it’s all about being comfortable in your body and wanting to go out and do


Exercise was the beginning of my transformation for it is where I started to realize that

my body is the only thing in this world that will always be mine; it is the only thing I

really own. Through a stormy season in my life, God placed the desire to run within me,

and so my love and appreciation for my body and being healthy began and changed my

life. My forever motivation is that the Holy God lives within me and therefore my body

should be a nice home for His amazing spirit dwelling in and amongst me. He has done

amazing things for me and I know that He can do the same for you.

I am working on a program which will include a guide to help you identify which season of your

life you are in so you can figure out where issues are rooted from and then how to deal with it.

The guide will also include workouts which can be done anywhere with minimal equipment.

Please leave your email in the comments if you would like to know more

about the restoration through exercise journey and be part of it.

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