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You know how when you watch a thriller or the next best action movie and it leads to you sitting at the edge of your couch, raising the blanket above your nose every time the music indicates something frightening is on its way. I find myself doing this all the time and literally every time I tell myself “Come on Alet, are you serious?” because by now I know most of the time in the end the good guy kills the bad guy most honorably and walks away with a very vulnerable beautiful girl. Still we get so caught up in the order of events that we forget this is the standard outcome. The movie takes a few turns and you get yourself thinking maybe this one will end differently. The next moment you're watching how the bad guy is being destroyed and slowly you can lower your blanket. Have you ever watched one of these movies a second time? This is something I love to do, because now I am absolutely sure about the outcome. Nothing in the movie can make me think otherwise. I can leave the blanket, fill my seat and enjoy the smaller details of the movie. The way the sentences are constructed, the wardrobe, the camera work, judge if an accident looks real or not. And then one day it hit me, we already know how this Story ends. He already won the battle, the bad guy will be thrown into the lake of fire and Sulphur and he will be tormented day and night forever. We know this, its revealed to us through Scripture. This implies that we can leave our blankets and fill our seats. We CAN enjoy the smaller details of life. We can enjoy the other creations God has placed in our midst, our health, the scenery around us and we can judge if a situation or thought is really the truth or a lie. Jesus does not just state we are winners, Romans 8:37 says we are MORE than conquerors through Him who loved us. Jesus did not win 9-6. He won like 3 000 000 – 1/2. We don’t only win in the end, Jesus empowers us to win right now! The Word says that if we are His children nothing can separate us from the love of God, and to me this is winning very well. This is all Satan wants to do and he literally can’t. Doesn’t matter how hard he tries or how evident it seems, it is impossible. Being more than conquerors means we will face trials,and this we know, but it also means we will win EVERY TIME! So my dear brother and sister, sit back and enjoy. Be ecstatic and leap for joy when you face many trials and tribulations. Since you already know, the bad guy will burn and YOU are more than a conqueror.


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