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It breaks my heart to know there's so much suffering in the world and it saddens me to know that some people are limited due to their disabilities. No one deserves to be mocked or treated unwanted because they have some sort of disability. Whether this person cannot see, hear, talk, walk...doesn't give us the right to mock them or treat them badly, in fact, we ought to be more compassionate towards them helping them where we possibly can. It goes even further, not having anything to eat or drink, not having friends or someone to turn to is devastating. I've been there, also why this fundraising project is so dear to my heart because I know how it feels. I personally do not have a disability, but grew up with many around me and hated to see how they got treated. My own mom has 50% hearing loss and it saddens me deeply to see how people respond and react towards her. Do you know how she must feel when she has to ask someone several times to please say again because she can't hear? Or when telling an inspirational story or a funny story and she can't respond normally because she's limited to hearing? So many conversations that she just nods and smiles without even responding correctly because she feels ashamed and embarrassed. There are thousands of people who struggle to hear, to see, to speak to live freely, being judged, mocked and without the resources to actually help them and it saddens me, even more, knowing how many women struggle to "survive" due to being in an abusive relationship, being controlled and being withheld her giving the right to resources.


I want to use this platform to raise funds for people, kind human beings, like my mom, to give them something to look forward to, to help them respond "normal" again or just even to some possible degree to help them see a better future. I want to help women break free from abuse so that they can know that there's help and they do not have to feel stuck.


 It would give me great joy if you could join me on this journey and help change lives and to give some sort of relief to those who struggle financially, especially in the time we are in, to make hearing and seeing possible, to help supply where needed.

I've created a Go Fund Me fundraiser for my mom that will raise funds in Euro toward an account which she can withdraw in Ireland

where she resides.  Please follow the link below:

Or alternatively, donations can be made directly to Mooistevrou's Relief Fund account in ZAR for her and other causes.

These funds will go towards people with hearing difficulty, vision difficulty, and families or people with financial struggles as well as women

who are in abusive relationships who are controlled by finances.

MOOISTEVROU /  Acc Nr 1474983780 / BC 470010

Ref: Hearing aid funds / Cause

Please remember to use the Relief fund reference and your name (unless you want to stay anonymous) .

All funds raised for the Mooistevrou relief fund will be specifically given to the specific causes.

This cause is sensitive to many and will be dealt with with as much care and grace as possible.

Please note that all information gathered from you as well as the person who is in need will be kept confidential and may not be

shared with the public, however, we will definitely share inspirational stories to show their grateful heart and ours if they give permission.

For any questions or inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us at

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