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Small Business Owners

One of Mooistevrou's goals is to support like-minded business owners who strive for people, who give without measure, who help without effort, and who live intentionally. These women serve so graciously and they go above and beyond to support others. We are so privileged to be a part of their journey even if it's in the smallest part of their business. We believe that in today's age of business, it's merely about taking, but giving. It's not about what you can get out of a collaboration, but how you can help one another - when women have this mindset, a collaboration will naturally flow from two sides. These women have gifted Mooistevrou with a beautiful product or offered their service, and we wanted to return a favor by listing them as Inspirational business owners who touched our hearts.

Do you have a product you would like us to test or try?

Please feel free to send it to us at Burgundy Square Postnet in Cape Town

 or email us at for more details.


The founder Karin had the privilege of living in different countries and continents. Since most places she has called ‘home’ were in developing countries, she felt the need to get involved in community upliftment projects and skills development training.

While living in Southeast Asia, Karin had the opportunity to work with the local artisans, learn to speak their language and appreciate their skills and knowledge.

“Mother Nature has gifted us with so much – if we use it wisely and sustainably, we don’t need to keep manufacturing similar man-made goods. In fact, people used to live like this long before plastic and synthetics came along,”

The aim is to make sustainable, natural strings available to conscious South Africans who wish to form part of the earth-friendly & slow living movement where custom-made practical items are fully compostable and 100% biodegradable.


Oh! The love we have developed for Turkish Carpets is astonishing! An exquisite Turkish carpet unites the different colors and elements of any room… The ideal feature to create an elegant environment!

The designs and mixtures of colors combined are an impeccable blend, leaving you breathless! Time and time again, we have seen how these majestic carpets have transformed the ordinary into the spectacular! The royal patterns and textures speak for themselves! Once you have had a glimpse of the potential of a Turkish carpet, you will certainly become a Turkish Carpet Lover! Turkish Carpets are inexpensive and certainly great value for money! It is affordable, but looks exclusive. Different designs, patterns, textures, sizes and colors are available to satisfy everybody's individual taste. Each and every carpet is unique, and will definitely add personal touch and class to any room. All carpets are imported from the Middle East.  It represents the “Culture of Turkey” and derives from the Ottoman Empire. Turkish Carpets became the modern trend in Interior and definitely an essential part of decorating and beautifying. Our products are privately sold. We focus on exclusive exhibitions and word of mouth sales. We believe in a personal touch where each client's special needs are addressed!


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Katrina is ’n klein besigheid wat begin het met ’n passie vir enige iets kreatief. Die besigheid is ten volle geanker in geloof en is gebou op vertroue, opregtheid en eerlikheid. Katrina het as ’n lawwe idee begin in my kar eendag oppad huistoe. Ek maak pragtige leer, hout en ’Stainless Steel’ juwele en ander bykomstighede. Elke item is handgemaak met soveel liefde en geduld. ’n Idee wat klein begin het en soveel besondere mense oor my pad gebring het. Ek is iemand wat my kop op iets sit en deurdruk, die wat my ken, weet ek gee nie sommer gou op nie. Dis ook die boodskap wat ek wil deurgee aan enige ander persoon daar buite wat juis in hierdie tyd wil moed opgee. Jy kan enige iets doen al is net jy wat daarin glo. Solank jy vashou aan die Here, jou drome en jou waardes, kan jy enige iets bereik. Dit kom natuurlik ook nie maklik nie, dit vat baie ure en nagte deurwerk om iets te bereik. Wees uniek, wees anders, wees jouself! 

Lieflikmooi is 'n oulike winkeltjie met alles Lieflik en Mooi ook met 'n klein grimeer ateljee daarby. 





"Kind gestures can change the world” - Home Crew se produkte is uniek, en elkeen is individueel handgemaak. Mens is altyd opsoek na die perfekte geskenkie wat bekostigbaar is en steeds iemand spesiaal kan laat voel, dit is hoe Home Crew se produkte ontstaan het. By ons kan jy kies tussen ‘n gegeurde kers, badsout, sleutelhouers en boekmerke. Ons kerse is van 100% natuurlike soy gemaak en sal jou huis met ‘n lieflike reuk vul. Ons gewilde BATHE badsout is van natuurlike soute gemaak met 100% essentiële olies. Boekmerke & sleutelhouers kan gemaak word volgens jou eie spesifikasies.  Ons besigheid is klein, maar die hart agter Home Crew is só groot - jy ondersteun ‘n droom!   “Let your light shine... Matthew 5:16”

Love to create beautiful spaces!




Sooth het begin in die hartjie van die Vrystaat waar ons met Lavender en Roosmaryn boer.


Ek het toe n seepkursus bygewoon, omdat ek n groter produkreeks wou ontwikkel van ons essentiele olies en van daar af het Sooth net meer en meer gegroei. So uit liefde vir die natuur en entrepreneurs in ons land, werk ek elke dag in my Sooth studio met my hande om die produkte te ontwerp en te skep. Dis net n vreugde om kuns in die vorm van seep te kan maak en ek is elke dag dankbaar vir die geleenthede wat Sooth al vir my geskep het en ek is opgewonde vir die toekoms. 

Makeup Artist
•Image Consultant
•Personal Shopper
•Empowering women of all ages to look and feel their very best



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